We assure tool and/or technology revision and complete technology roadmap fast

You definetly want our professionalism in need of

  • a quick supervision of tooling construction (DFM - Design For Manufacturing)
  • tool and equipment definitions based on product information
  • a highly resoponsible support finding the right supplier for a unique equipment/tool
  • a dedicated injection moulding tool management,  cooperation with Far-Eastern suppliers (We share our more than 10 years of experience on your behalf.)
  • a perfectly complete management support of tool trials and tool release for serial production at the end.

Tool construction

We are expert in defining:

  • different kind of special moulding technologies
  • analysis and cost benchmarking - /Variotherm - gas injection - 2K moulding - insert or overmoulding/
  • mechanical connection between robothead and moulding tool - /insert moulding, feeding with robots/

We are here for our partners to consult and support surface related technologies, such as:

  • painting
  • printing
  • foiling

We consult and do risk management for plastic welding as well.

We have educated engineers to audit your chosen suppliers.

Supplier / partner audit based on VDA6.3 with registrated independent auditor !

Feasibility studies / support
GD&T tolerancy studies - feasibility with injection moulding